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Keinen Service

Germany and the service industry – a match cooked up and baked to perfection in the very depths of hell. 
Anyone who has ever tried to find information about a train ticket will know the horrors of spending hours looking on obscure and outdated websites about which service covers what region, what ticket is valid till which border, when do the cheaper time-bound tickets become valid and which of the many “offers” saves you a few cents on this expensive not-so-public transport service. The fact that Deutsche Bahn is a private company run for profit, on the one hand; while on the other hand the German State actively dissuades people from buying cars by providing little to no parking facilities in cities – simply boggles the mind. I have spent a long hours researching several websites on whether my SWB issued job ticket is valid to take me to the neighbouring state, and if not, which is the add-on ticket I need to buy. 
Try to shift house and you are confronted with more problems. If, afte…
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