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The Intermission

A job-hunt is like an interval at a movie. And when the first half has been so great that you find yourself at the edge of your seat, then the pressure’s really on!

Being back in Pune after 7 months- it feels really weird. Considering that I’ve called it home for 21 years, it’s confusing to feel miss another city like you can only miss ‘home’. Physically, nothing has changed in Pune. Fergusson College road is still run over by students; MG and KP still have the same hang-outs. Yet it doesn’t feel the same- to me.

Within a few hours of getting home, I jumped on my bike and rode all around Aundh. Soon i found myself at 'Vaish' along with my friends, all of us connoisseurs of their legendary South-indian and batata wadas. Not that Delhi doesnt have idli-sambar joints, it just isn't the same when the idli is soaked in ghee like a 'prantha' and sambar is so spicy that it makes your nose run. 10 minutes of waiting for a table, being nudged aside by impatient waiters, resisting the urge to snatch food of their trays and glaring at people to try to scare them into eating faster, and I felt truly at home. So much so, that I went back for their SPDP that very day.

The customary gal-pal catching up couldn't wait, so we soon found ourselves chugging breezers, chomping biryani and gossiping through the night. From life decisions about marriage and careers, to equally important discussions about ex-classmates brother's girlfriends, everything was covered. The only difference from our school stay-overs was that everyone had to drag themselves to work the next day (except me!)

I went back to Fergusson the following week. Absolutely nothing had changed. Students still sat around on their bikes in the parking, sat for hours on the katta and passed comments at passer-bys, crowded into Savera. There were plays in the Kimaya and art shows in the garden. Absolutely nothing had changed! Except that now, I was on the outside of the fish-bowl. Without my 3 best pals, their corny jokes (bonging) and creepy advances, nothing felt the same.

I was even afraid to go back to Toons now. Without the fortification of my friends, I felt like an outsider. I was dragged there by a visiting friend though, and we decided to 'make new memories' to replace the old ones. With a little help from the beer and the awesome music I was able to come to accept the freshly graphitized walls, the absence of my fave waiter 'Jeevan' and even the karaoke screen. One step further, HRC called. I love the Pune HRC, and it was comforting to be there again. I have educated many a Delhi-ite about the 'coolness; of the island bar (which I found myself dancing to YMCA on), the beautiful outdoor seating and the roller skating waiters.

I guess it's the sameness that's the best thing about my Pune. The same potholes in the roads, Skips, George and Cad-b still make my mouth water. Everyone still comes up to talk to me in my gym. It's the best place to grow up in, and the best place for an intermission.


  1. sameness..sigh.. Ali & you!
    ahem Delhi.

  2. My God u almost had me catching a bus for Pune right now. Thats a beautiful thought there. Make the most of this time. And do keep writing. I personal can understand ur feeling cause very time I come back to Pune I think on the same lines.
    All an all its a great read.. Keep it going.


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