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Yen Samachara?

Guide to awesome Bengaluru weekend.

Street food
ü  Tatte idli, lemon tea (Sulemani) at ShivajinagarA bus stop
ü  Fast food lane in the rain
ü  Onion samosas & beef fry with paratha at Muslim shop. (It must not be dog meat! Location opposite mosque. Not because of piety, but people will know difference in taste.) Followed by loosies? (I’m looking forward to Ramzan!)
ü  Good time to eat first Thali Meal at Nagarjuna. Not so bad. (For VEG food)
ü  Bisibele bhat at MTR. (What does that stand for? – Google – Mavalli Tiffin Rooms. Quite fancy for a ‘tiffin room’) House next to MTR on St.Mark’s Road, (what’s with these road names. And schools too. Contemplative sisters of the good shepherd) is haunted. Apparently covered on TV on Ghosthunters.

ü  Must have – Corner House ice-cream sundaes. Insist on no nuts. They are PEANUTS! 

ü  Decathlon. Cool sporting goods store. Quality? Stick to apparel only. Note: you CANNOT skateboard. Do NOT attempt in public places, however easy it looks.
ü  Bike ride to hell (Malleshwaram) and back, with a ‘local’ for directions – for authentic sambar powder and Gunpowder Chatnipidi. Dreamy filter coffee makes ride worth it.

Persona non grata
ü  Vayu Vajra airport buses – if driver changes route at 12 am. Raise hell. Didn’t work? Drag suitcases and guests 1km to house in dead of night.
ü  Use ‘charm’ to attain late entry to Toit, purchase alcohol from ‘shutter down bar’ and feel proud to have ‘contacts’. While friend pays off prowling cop in north indian style .
ü  Continue loud night back home. Bring curtain rods down multiple times. Neighbours complain, follow up by rude letter in quivering (presumably angry, sleep deprived) hand asking to ‘SHUT UP!’? Ignore!
ü  Do not order lemon tea at Hatti Kaappi at airport. That’s next door at Chai Point. When waiter says “Vonly Kappee” in sing song south indian tune –statement not question.
ü  If random boys approach and insist on joining at Arbour, be prepared – onus of small talk regarding cities/ jobs/ names / weather / names is on you.
ü   Pre-book 2 Ola cabs to get home. One lands up front tyres in air, hanging off roadside ridge? Pile into 2nd cab. Current cab driver – facepalm.

Weekend over? Come again soon for more!


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