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The Melting Pot

"Alles wird perfekt"

I didn't expect the start of my trip to immediately give me the opportunity to check off things from my bucket list. As I entered Frankfurt airport the day after the Brussels attack, a TV reporter accosted me and asked me some questions about how I felt about flying that day. Of course being Indian and finding direct refusal awkward and a situation best avoided, I went along with the "interview". In German, unfortunately, Im not sure Im able to convincingly expound on my feelings on current affairs and world politics. Yet. I really didn't want to relive the embarrassment, so no, I don't know what channel it was on. But at least I was on TV. 

The flight being overbooked presented an opportunity to me make up some of the expenses for the trip, by agreeing to be rerouted the next day via Hamburg. It gave me the chance to spend a night alone in a 5 star (another check), and explore a little bit of this beautiful city! Alster under the full moon really makes up for the fact that United Airlines sucks balls compared to my original airline Lufthansa. 

I always wondered in the Mensa, why the bolognaise of spaghetti bolognaise always sits at the bottom of the plate, however much you mix it. This remains my question after the 18 bucks bolognaise I had at the 5 star. I didn't want this to be the case, but the Mensa one really is better. 


"Alle Jläser huh"

Taking an early morning flight presents its own unique challenges. But I ignored my watch and asked for a wine anyway. Don't judge, I'm on holiday, and if its okay to drink before 11 am on Karneval, then why not now? It definitely helped me survive the long flight that had no TV screens. 

Newark Liberty International was quite underwhelming. I was feeling adventurous so I took the train, only to regret it when I realized I didn't know if I had to get off at Newark Penn Station or New York Penn Station. Why would you do that to your visitors, America? Couldn't you come up with any other name? 

I did manage in the end though, to find my cousin's apartment. Arriving in NYC feels like being in the movies. The police officers you are so used to seeing heroicly smashing down doors and chasing dangerous criminals. Just that the cops I saw were standing around looking bored so its not really an exciting movie. 

We went to a good ole American sports bar that evening - also a good way to keep the flight - wine high going. Its really different from watching a game in Germland. But the beer was just as good, as was the Hamburg-er. 

I added and checked off something new on my bucket list that night - break a law in NYC. Luckily none of the movie cops were around to see me, only the live ones who didn't notice me and my friend drunkenly squash into a turnstile together to avoid buying me a ticket.



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