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We present them like roses, to our friends, families and lovers. 
Roses aren’t meant to last forever, they prick you more often than not, they are only a momentary passing pleasure. 

We begin each day with promises.

Today, I promise myself –

I won’t give up on my dreams,
I’ll even eat my greens.
I’ll pick up a new hobby,
Maybe I’ll even make some extra money.
I could learn to mime…?
At any rate I should learn to write better rhymes.

I will curb my inner devil,
Suppress all the bubbling evil,
Mask sarcasm beneath a patient smile,
Even when the conversation makes me want to run a mile
I won’t be lazy, I won’t order in,
I’ll take the stairs and fix that broken heel.

I won’t drink more than 2 cups of coffee a day,
I won’t waste time on facebook and trimming my grays.
I’ll moisturize and deodorize,
Clean my nails and comb my hair,
I’ll iron my clothes and return borrowed books,
And when all else fails I’ll even admit I don’t have model-like looks

Then I’ll go to bed sober,
Humble about my impeccable moral fibre,
I’ll shut my eyes and pray to God,
Be thankful for everything I’ve got.

I'll look to the east for a brand new dawn,
I'll rise with the sun, I'll keep my promises,
And I won't have any fun! 


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